Bear River City Mayor and Council

Mayor  Bruce Anderson

Memorial Day Sunrise Services, City Council and Planning Commission, Christmas Dinner, Senior Citizen Christmas Party, Excavation Permits, Fire District, Mosquito Abatement representative, Park.

Contact Information 435-239-7094

Jared Holmgren

Sewer, Encroachments, Acme Water Representative, Roads, Sidewalks.

Contact Information - 435-279-1893
Bruce Blake

Animal Control, Blue Stakes, Emergency Preparedness, Planning Commission & Zoning, Storm Drains/Field Drains, Spring Clean-up, Utilities.

Contact Information - 435-279-8651
Kendall Julander - Mayor Pro Tem

Building Permits, Cemetery, Flood Plain Administrator, Health Committee.

Contact Information - 435-279-7979
Patti Andersen

Civic Center, Irrigation, Irrigation Drains, Library Committee.

Contact Information 435-232-2061